Monday, 16 January 2017


I am the pain
The embedded shards
That bleed my heart
And tear me apart.

I am the despair
The pervasive ache
Of unfulfilled dreams
That keep me awake.

I am the agony
The twisting knives
The dried up tears
In my vacant eyes

I am the cries
The soundless shrieks
That rend the skies
And make them weep

I am the hope
A mirage, a wraith
I reach through thin air
And touch my faith!



I can see the moonlight keeping quiet
I can hear the winds not speak
I can feel the heart not syncing beats
But my soul will still not weep
'Cause I can see a star alone
In the sky still shining bright
And it gives me hope that being myself
Is gonna be still alright. 

Some stars can do that to you.....



I saw her lounging under her tree
As I rode by each day at noon 
Hair matted, clothes tattered 
I would hear her abandonly croon 
Her songs of timeless agonies 
Litanies of wordless tunes. 

Not a penny to her name 
A square foot space her throne 
A gleam in her eyes arrests me 
Acceptance of a fate unknown 
They call her mad, but can't they see 
Her eyes perceive more than their own! 



A dainty jasmine breath
Enchanting temptress of smiles
Bewitching, precious wisp of mist
Into his heart she glides.

The mighty gale force
Raw man, barely restrained
Swirling, eddying, powerfully
Ancient spirit untamed.

They dance to the pagan rhythms
Of  songs only they could sing
Mist poured deep into the raging whirlwind
Subsumed by his strength into eternal spring.



Hushed.... Trembling, ever so quietly
A gossamer caress, sylphlike
A blanket of brilliant stardust
Down sweeps the gorgeous night .

For once not dark and distant
But a loving blissful space
Mysteries in her smokiness
Cherishing her dark embrace.

I see the comets streaking by
I hear my breathlessness
Pearls that sprout up on my brow
Molten drops of happiness.



In the lake of feelings in my heart 
My soul mirrors back at me 
All that I have and all that is lost 
All that my eyes can't see. 

Tree of life studded with little joys 
They colour my insides so bright 
The songs of the wind whistling a tune 
A symphony of notes just right. 

I see my desires, a tapestry 
Of all that was, or could be 
My scars, testimony to life lived through 
Tears, aches and splintered dreams 

The most that stared back at me today 
Were the rhymes that life did write 
That tell of lessons that made me strong 
And of the souls that touched my life 



Soft footsteps in my wake 
I feel them in my spine 
Shivers of a wraith like presence 
In the cerulean mists of time 

A tender hand holds me up 
But the touch I do not feel 
Answering desires of my soul 
In the eerie fogs of teal . 

I wander forlorn in hazy depths 
of consciousness; I look for you 
Wrapped around me in swirls of faith 
Your caress, an aura of smoky blue. 



The signboard 
on my heart- 
Restricted Entry. 
Even though you can't see 
the one in residence,
He's out for some 
pondering on his pensiveness. 
But look out for the signs 
of his presence, 
The exploding stars, 
Fragrance of the heavens. 
Smiles strewn about, 
Dreams floating by, 
Pain packed away, 
Joys straining to fly. 
Look at the signs 
then turn smilingly away, 
'Cause the heart, it’s not free 
just awaiting.... destiny's call everyday! 

- Mistletoe in the month of May!! 



In the anguished depths of turmoil
When for a breath of peace
I craved
Your silence wrapped around my heart
The heartless world dispensing pain 
I forgave.

When the clamouring noises in my ears
Deafened, I threatened to explode
I found
The silence a much needed sanctuary
Healing balm for my heart and soul
Its wounds.

I glide into the tranquil light of truth
Shedding your pretentious love
A masquerade
I befriended the silence, it morphed
A haven where my dreams still live
You stayed.



You were my cosmic resonance 
The stardust did you ride 
The mighty hunter Orion 
In the galaxies I see you reside. 
When I be born as a shooting star 
Streaming the skies, with glowing hair 
In another few light years of time 
I'll find you, and meet you there. 

You were the colours of oceans 
The azures, teals and blues 
I see your spirit in the sunlit skies 
I feel you in the sparkling river hues. 
When I be born as a conch of the seas 
I'll gather your sounds in me 
And ride the waves to horizons unknown 
I'll meet you in your coral tree. 

You were the angel the Gods did send 
When I needed a shot of faith 
In the endless love that could be mine 
In the support of a benevolent wraith. 
When I live all my breaths that God did give 
And reach the gates of his kingdom fair 
I'll ask him to forgive me all my sins 
So I can enter heaven, and meet you there! 



I don't think of you
It's just that
all thoughts of mine
lead back to you

I don't write about you.
I write what I feel
but my feelings
are tangled
with your memories

I don't yearn for you
Each breath I take
is mine alone
so I can live
to miss you



Hair trailing, eyes sparkling charm
Fresh as the dew of the early morn
She races, smiles lightening the skies
Tryst of love with the fading dawn
Like a trail of flowers wafting scents
She flows on the summer breeze so pure
I wish I were the dancing fairy dust
Playing with her misty, bewitching allure

Who is she, this bundle of delight
The glorious sunshine hiding from view
That's just me, I missed her for long,
Her presence ignored, as I looked for you!



When life is a dream that keeps you awake
Don't let tiredness be a dismay,
Look in your sleep for the rainbows bright
That magically banish the landscapes gray.

When the last tendrils of light do fade
And birdsongs cease at the end of day,
Don't look at the night and see the dark
Look at the stars that show you the way.

When rough seas threaten to capsize your boat
Just ride the swells, go with the sway,
'Cause when the surf begins to rise
You'll know the shore isn't far away...



Summer skies burning 
White hot flames 
Flat torpid sheets 
No flicker to its name. 

Comatose air 
Dry, rarefied 
Its listless pallor 
Ironically bright. 

Hopes and dreams 
Lie clotted in veins 
Deathly halos 
Ghostly games. 

Desperate longings 
In their stillness tease 
Breathless anticipation 
Of a gentle breeze. 

~The insipid life of hot soporific summers



I am Me
I live in my simplicity
True to my effervescent spirit
In my candor lies my integrity.

Why should I be complete
With another’s identity
I stand alone, a mountain
In isolated serenity.

I need no hands
To support my spine
The world’s spit and grime
Will not cut my shine.

I am no extension
To another man’s twine
Nor to any woman’s notions
Will my conscience align.

It’s to the grandeur of love
I give up my singularity
To merge in the oneness
Of two souls in parity.

I give up my essence
To the songs of consonance
True soul mates dancing
The same cosmic resonance.

To be the quintessence
Of celestial radiance
An enhancement of Me
In the likeness of variance.